Micro Cilantro

In the Micro Cilantro you will recognize the fresh citrus flavor and mild odor of coriander. This cress fits perfectly with Asian dishes, fish and poultry. Also in soup and salads, but even with desserts, the Micro Cilantro is a delicious addition. It is a beautiful decorative microgreen that can also be used for the seed shell. It’s not just its refreshing flavor and decorative appearance that make Micro Cilantro an interesting ingredient, but also because evidence suggests it’s beneficial to your health.

Try the Micro Cilantro in a dessert with tropical fruit or gin!

  • Taste: Citrus, mild coriander
  • Use: Amuses, fish, poultry, soups
  • Germination: 3-4 days
  • Ready: in 12 days!

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