Grow Cup – Micro Purple Radish

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1 Grow Cup + 5 Micro Purple Radish “Sakura Cress” Refills

Grow Cup – Micro Purple Radish (Sakura Cress)

  • Ready to use!
  • No green thumbs needed
  • Works with the ‘seed-pod refills’
  • Delivered with 5 Micro Purple Radish Refills
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Grow Cup

With the Grow Cup, you can grow your own microgreens in a fun and easy way. This product brings nature into your home and you will enjoy a special green experience. The principle is simple: fill the Grow Cup with water, place a substrate disc in the tray and saturate with drinking water. Then spread the seeds on top of the substrate and place the lid for the first few days to germinate the seeds at the same time. After that, the lid can be removed and the cresses will be ready to harvest within a few days.

The refill Seed-Pods are biodegradable. Once all the cress has been harvested, the substrate can be used for compost waste and you can sow a new Seed-Pod.

This Grow Cup comes with 5 Micro Purple Radish refills. This beautiful deep red-colored microgreen has the flavor of radish. Micro Radish gives a fresh and spicy taste to dishes such as steak tartare or tuna. The microgreen is widely used, but especially in cold dishes. The unique red/purple colour is caused by increased Anthocyanin levels, a very healthy product, up to 100% more than in normal radish.


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