Micro Peppercress Envelope (5 Refills)

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1 envelope with 5 Micro Peppercress “Garden Cress” refills (5 woodfibre substrate pad + small bag)


5 refills for the ‘Grow Cup‘ to grow Micro Peppercress (Garden Cress)

  • Taste: Mustard, peppery, radish
  • Use: Salads, sausage, sliced cold meat, soups
  • Germination: 2-3 days
  • Ready: in 5 days!
  • Micro Peppercress is available
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5 x Micro Peppercress

Micro Peppercress is a very popular type of cress that can be used in countless different ways. It has a spicy taste of radish and mustard and combines well with a boiled egg and sandwich spreads. In addition, Micro Peppercress goes great with cold meat, or in soups and salads. Try a milkshake made with strawberries and a little Peppercress!

Micro Peppercress is a very old crop that was cultivated in ancient times in Egypt. The Romans brought it to Europe due to its supposed health benefits. Peppercress contains strikingly high levels of vitamin C and is rich in minerals and carotene.

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