Micro Radish Envelope (5 Refills)

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1 envelope with 5 Micro Purple Radish “Sakura Cress” refills (5 woodfibre substrate pad + small bag)


5 refills for the ‘Grow Cup‘ to grow Micro Purple Radish (Sakura Cress)

  • Taste: Black radish
  • Use: Appetizers, salads
  • Germination: 3-4 days
  • Ready: in 8 days!
  • Micro Purple Radish is available
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5 x Micro Purple Radish

This beautiful deep red-colored microgreen has the flavor of radish. Micro Purple Radish gives a fresh and spicy taste to dishes such as steak tartare or tuna. The microgreen is widely used, but especially in cold dishes. The unique red/purple colour is caused by increased Anthocyanin levels, a very healthy product, Up to 100% more than in normal radish.

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Dimensions 5.3 × 7.3 × 0.8 in
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